Sutter Creek Personal Injury

In the event of significant personal injury, hire personal injury law firm in Sutter Creek themselves quantify all the injury items, even before the insurer’s offer. This allows them to negotiate in the best interests of their customers and to seize justice very quickly if the offer of the insurer remains insufficient.


To carry out compensation for bodily injury, it must first be properly assessed. This operation is always entrusted to an expert doctor. If you have left compensation for your car accident in the hands of your insurer, it will be an expert appointed by insurers. Usually not paid by insurance companies, this type of expert may downplay or neglect some aspect of your personal injury. Find a Sutter Creek personal injury lawyer.


The personal injury firm of Redkey Gordon Law Corp in Sutter Creek, a law firm specializing in traffic accidents, recommends that you, in case of serious consequences or serious bodily injury, require an amicable contradictory report (one of the expert doctors of their firm found in front of the expert of the insurance for the evaluation of the bodily injury) or a judicial expertise (a judicial expert conducts the assessment of the bodily injury in the presence of the expert doctor of the insurance and the expert doctor of our firm).

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