Spousal Support Law in Safety Harbor

Maintenance – maintenance After the separation of spouses, one spouse is often dependent on the other, more deserving, child support. Here, a distinction is first made according to time periods, namely between the separation maintenance and the post-marital maintenance. The separation maintenance claim exists from the time of the separation, at most until the legal force of divorce. Need to hire a Safety Harbor spousal support attorney from The Law Firm for Family Law. The remainder of the maintenance entitlement starts with the legal effect of the divorce and runs indefinitely, depending on the circumstances of the case. According to the spousal support law firm in Safety Harbor, it seems that after the divorce each spouse has to make a living for himself.


However, there are a number of exceptions, so that in practice it is rather the rule that a divorced spouse, who has lower incomes than the other, can demand maintenance even after the divorce. A family law firm in Safety Harbor can help. Only in the case of a marriage that took less than three years, including the year of separation, is the post-marital maintenance claim excluded. The same applies if the dependents live in a new solidified relationship with another partner or even remarried. The eligibility requirements and the duration and amount of the maintenance claim depend strongly on the circumstances of the individual case (eg, marriage duration, marriage-related disadvantages, other financial circumstances, etc.). At The Law Firm for Family Law are a Safety Harbor family law firm, who would be happy to advise you personally.

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