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How to become a tax lawyer at Scammahorn Law Firm, PC in Tyler? If a lawyer wants to become a certified lawyer, then he has to fulfill a few conditions first. For three years, the future tax liability reduction law firm in Tyler, TX must have been admitted to the bar and six years as a lawyer before applying for the title of specialist attorney. During this time, he should handle at least 50 tax reduction cases from the knowledge. In each case, at least three of the types of tax referred to. 3 must be recorded with 5 cases each. At least 10 cases must be legal proceedings, ie opposition or legal action. The future specialist lawyer must first attend a specialist law school in tax law In addition, a specialist lawyer's course in tax law amounting to 160 hours must be taken to award the specialist attorney title, at the end of which three examinations have to be written. But if you look further back, it is first and foremost to become a lawyer. That requires an academic education. This is to go through at a university by the prospective student of law (Jura) begins. The program has a standard period of study of normally nine semesters. The student then passes the first state exam when he takes five to seven written exams that cover the major areas of law: criminal law, public law, and civil law. Now the student is a semi-lawyer and can already act as a lawyer.

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