Norton Schwab

Personal injury What is personal injury? Personal injury occurs when you have suffered physical or mental injury as a result of another person. It is not always a traffic accident. personal injury for a law firm in Killeen can have various causes. Think of an accident at work, unhealthy working conditions, a defective product, a dog bite, etc. Changed living conditions As a victim of this you will know what major consequences this can bring. You may not be able to work temporarily or ever again. Your promotion opportunities can be reduced or even no longer present. If you are an independent entrepreneur, there may be a loss of turnover. It may not have been possible for you to do your household. Maybe you cannot even exercise your hobbies or stop exercising. All in all, the consequences of personal injury for your work and (family life) can be very drastic. In both social and financial terms. For more information on personal injury cases in Killeen, TX call Norton Schwab.

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