Medical Malpractice Lawyer Philadelphia

Medical law is a special branch of law, which is created by a set of norms in the field of civil law, criminal law and administrative law. Medical law regulates relations between the patient and the provider of medical services. Therefore, it refers to the rights and duties of the patient, the doctor (including the dentist), the nurse, the laboratory diagnostician and other employees in the health care sector; also norms the status and functioning of medical entities (including independent public health care units, budgetary units, research institutes, foundations), pharmaceutical market entities and others.

Medical malpractice lawyer Philadelphia as a relatively new and very extensive field that is constantly evolving. Therefore, only an experienced lawyer who is passionate about the problem and who is consistently improving his knowledge can, in the field of broadly understood medical law at Lowenthal & Abrams, P.C. a Philadelphia medical malpractice law firm, provide legal assistance at a level that guarantees adequate protection of your property and interests. The services of our law firm are addressed both to people injured as a result of medical negligence or omission (in diagnostics, treatment process, errors during childbirth), as well as medical personnel – doctors, nurses, paramedics in Philadelphia.

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