Litigation Attorney Attorney in Seattle to solve your dispute

A dispute between two or more parties that seek to obtain compensation for damage in any specific situation is considered a Chung, Malhas & Mantel, PLLC civil litigation lawyer in Seattle. A lawyer specialized in this field is called a litigator. A civil litigation lawyer is responsible for the lawsuit including filing the lawsuit, discovery & motion practices, trial and judgments and awards.

There are several types of Civil Litigation Lawyer in Seattle depending on their specialization. Some of then include:

– Environmental lawyer
– Intellectual property
– Education law
– Products liability
– Employment and labor

Seattle Civil litigation lawyers are usually specialized in a particular field. There are also lawyers whose expertise is focused on pre-trial matters while others represent the clients during the trials. Here are some important factors related to the litigation lawyers:


Civil litigation lawyers only handle civil cases and represent them in front of the judiciary. Usually, they do not represent any individual involved in criminal cases or family matter.


Due to their experience and knowledge on civil matters, they have unique skills and know-how to protect your particular interest in a lawsuit.

Contingency Fees

The contingency fees may be paid after a trial or even after prevailing in a lawsuit through settlement, depending on the case.

Skills of the litigation attorney

Besides experience and knowledge, there are some critical skills that civil litigation attorneys should have:

– Strong command of written and oral advocacy skills.
– Excellent interpersonal skills.
– Capability to gather complex legal and factual material.
– Legal research technique.
– Negotiation skills.


Before hiring an attorney to fulfill your legal requirements, it is essential to research all the information related to them and consult some of their clients. If you prefer, consult more than one lawyer before deciding each one hire.

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