How to Claim After a Car Accident.

Car accidents are traumatic events, regardless of the severity of injuries or the severity of the collision. It is important not to panic and think as clearly as the situation allows, since the information you can compile as a result of a car accident is important, which makes the process much simpler for car accident attorneys to win compensation from you that you are entitled to. One should call Dwyer Williams Dretke Attorneys, PC in Bend to help your personal injury case.


Explaining how to file a complaint after an accident, we hope that if you are unsuccessful enough to participate in a collision, you will have everything you need to provide information with which officials responsible for a car accident must make a successful bid for whiplash.


Here's what you should do:


Let's start with the obvious – make sure that you have all the necessary information from a third party. If another driver participated in the accident, you would need their name, driver's license number, license plate and contact information, as well as information about their insurer.

If there are any witnesses, and not always, be sure that you take their contact information. Witnesses make the work of a solicitor much simpler since the confirmation of your story makes the process of distributing guilt much less from a headache.

The camera never lies, they say, and in this case, they are right. A few quick shots on your mobile phone will help show the damage done to your car. It's also a good idea to photograph the car from the other side, even if there is no real damage.

Call the police, even if the accident is not that serious. Local police will create a police report on the scene, which can be of great help to car accidents. Ask the appropriate officer to provide a copy of the report, as this will further strengthen any subsequent claim for compensation.

Call your insurance company immediately after the accident to tell them that there was a collision. Some companies prefer to send an appraiser for accidents to the scene, in which case you should wait with your car before arrival to explain the details of the accident.

When you inform your insurer, the application number will be immediately generated for their records. Make sure you remove this reference number because it can be used to check the status of your claim.


We hope that you remember the above points if you should have the misfortune to participate in an accident with another vehicle. Lawyers responsible for a car accident cases will surely be grateful for your clarity of mind, as this will greatly help them when they try to win compensation for the car accident that you deserve.

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