Gun Crimes

There is no doubt that gun crime in the Sacramento, CA. has reached worrying proportions.Law Offices of Param S. Pabla, APC had reported 58 gun related homicides in the past one year, it marks an increase of 18 percent in the 49 homicides the previous year. Overall, however, figures suggest that gun crime, regarding total offences, is decreasing with a thirteen percent fall in gun crime.

Worryingly however the age of those involved in firearm offences seems also to be dropping, children in their early and late teens now appear to be involved.

Some reasons have been highlighted as causes of gun crime being on the increase. Most notable is the conjoined cause of drug use and dealing. Young teenagers in cities are seeing criminals in their neighbourhoods making money from drugs and see this as a valid way to make a living. Sadly guns seem to be intrinsically linked to this business for both protection and attacks.

The predominance of drug dealing being related to gun crime has been touted by experts for years. Taking full advantage, they have attacked ‘hip hop’ and ‘gangsta’ rap as reasons for the increase in gun related homicides.

Arguing that the music genre glamorises gun crime and firearm possession, subsequently leading a generation into thinking that carrying a ‘piece’ is an acceptable part of modern day life. This, however, is a misnomer as a deeper look at the music will see a primacy of songs protesting against gun crime rather than promoting it.

Gun crime in the Sacramento, CA., however, is in no way as troubling. Our 58 murders last year is perfect to the 14,000 murders committed using firearms. They can be seen as a particular case as guns are readily available, and ammunition is cheap and can be bought over the counter with the weekly shop.

A vast majority of the guns in the Sacramento, CA. are converted from blank firing replicas smuggled in from the continent. Workshops carry out the conversion procedure wholesale and sell the converted firearms on the black market.

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