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Samuel I. Kane,P.A.

Car or auto accidents are a terrifying experiences. Often, the persons involved in the accident suffer injury, sometimes critical, some lose their lives and the cars that were involved get damaged. It is important to quickly begin the process of determining who is responsible for the accident and to determine what compensation needs to be given.

Laws that solve car accidents are a complex combination of traffic laws and regulations and any personal injury laws. It is a not easy to navigate through this process and find justice and compensation. That is why you need to call The Law Offices of Samuel I. Kane, P.A., a personal injury firm in Las Cruces, to allow you to recover from an accident and pursue compensation on your behalf.
They have long standing experience in automobile accident representation where their clients are compensated or are not unnecessarily overcharged. They will depose witnesses and investigate the accident and make sure that justice is any compensation due is given.

You need the peace and the space to recover after an accident. Call them today to handle all your out of court negotiations or any court processes that may arise. Their experience and professional training will be of great benefit to you.


Accidents involving semi-trucks and tractor trailers are very common on the highways across this country. If you are either directly or indirectly involved in one of these accidents, you may be able to receive compensation from the negligent party. Regardless of the situation, it is imperative that you hire the best lawyers to help you through the case and see you coming out victorious and rendering you the justice you deserve. Whenever you are in such as situation requiring a reputable Sherman Oaks personal injury law firm, which will deliver a successful verdict, Fox and Fox Law Corporation comes to your rescue.

The truck accident lawyers from this firm will aggressively pursue the greatest compensation for you and your loved ones that serve you right. Success, together with experience, is just a part of the equation. Their highly qualified attorneys are well-equipped deal with all kinds of 18-wheeler crashes providing excellent advocacy for all the victims they represent. Cases involving truck accidents can be quite a trauma to deal with alone, but having the attorneys from Fox and Fox Corporation at your disposal, can be a huge relief.

Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC- Truck Accidents

Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC is a skilled and specialized accident law firm which has been serving the citizens of the entire central Louisiana for over 27 years. The firm lawyers understands the impacts either health wise or physically that an accident can bring to the victims and their families as a whole. That is why the firm fully represents the victims towards their compensation by insurance companies or lawsuit firms.

Truck accident can be very tragic and most road accidents, over 10%, involves commercial trucks be they semi- trucks or big rigs. The accidents may result in death, permanent injury/disability or just slight curable injuries. This is the reason behind why the team of professional lawyers in this firm are ready to cover the victims of such situations.

Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC investigates your damages, injury and medication cost emerging from the accident and fully represent your claims in a court of law or to the insurer, for your compensation. The law firm the sets a monetary value that is just equivalent to the damages, suffering either mentally or physically and other medical cost resulting from the semi-truck accident. The attorneys ensure that you get your justice from the truck accident.