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If the person who caused the car accident is not known or has not provided his / her personal details because he / she does not have an insurance policy, it is possible – in the presence of certain conditions – to contact an appropriate Fund called “Guarantee Fund for the Victims of the Road “, which will provide compensation for damages. Finally, if the accident involved a foreign vehicle circulating, it is mandatory to contact a special office. Make sure to hire a car accident lawyer. What are the main players in the practice of damages? The main protagonists, ie those who activate the practice are: 1) the damaged; 2) his lawyer; 3) and the counter party. In order to get the compensation you come into contact, too, with the figure: 4) of the liquidator, or the person in charge of the insurance to manage the file; 5) of the expert appointed by the liquidator to estimate the damages of the vehicle and, in some cases, proceed directly to the liquidation of the damage; 6) of the legal doctor in case it is necessary to assess any physical damage resulting from the accident. Finally, if the Insurance disputes the reasons or the amount of the sum to be liquidated, it will be necessary to contact a Judge. Contact Caruso Law Offices, PC. in Albuquerque for a personal injury law firm.

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